Kori Propst will be OUR FEATURED GUEST for the “You are Enough (YAE)” Wellness Retreat.  READ ON to find out how you can reserve your spot for this amazing event, October 10-12, 2014 in Boise Idaho. 

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2014 Oct YAE Retreat


Send payments via PayPal to:  hashtagiamenough@yahoo.com
Send payments via PayPal to: hashtagiamenough@yahoo.com
For More Info, Just contact us at:  hashtagiamenough@yahoo.com
For more info, please contact us at: hashtagiamenough@yahoo.com



Kori PropstWe are so excited and honored to announce that Kori Propst will be joining us in October at our “You are Enough” Wellness Retreat!  She will have the floor for a full workshop and will be with us for all of our other events and fun!  You won’t want to miss Kori’s presentation and discussion on mindfulness, balance and “You are Enough” tools.  I spoke with Kori, just the other day, and she is so excited to attend.  She told me that she’s not looking to just inform, but also to send each of our participants home with something that they can DO to implement positive changes in their lives at home.  I am jumping out of my skin with anticipation and I can’t wait to share this amazing woman with you!

Check out Kori’s video introduction for our Retreat: CLICK HERE

More about Kori:

Kori Propst directs the nutrition and weight loss program as the Wellness Director at The Diet Doc.  Licensed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Licensed Professional Counselor, Kori’s approach is as diverse as her background.  She is a Professional natural Bodybuilder, Figure Athlete, and Fit Body competitor.  Her Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology and her Master of Science degree in Community Counseling is enhanced by her certifications in personal training, lifestyle and weight management consulting, and Sports Nutritionist (International Society of Sports Nutrition).  She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy.  Her rich education and experience create an unmatched expertise in physical and mental training, optimal athletic performance, and overall well-being.  Kori has guided top-level athletes toward optimizing their strategic plans for success, as well as individuals working toward empowerment and control in all areas of life.

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Currently pursuing her PhD in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, Kori has developed a mindset training program called The Mental Edge Peak Performance Coaching for integration into the Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss program, as well as for competitive athletes! She offers private groups as well as individual sessions with a focus on assertive transparency, self-determination, and mind-body integration!  She has worked as an in-home family therapist and has led a Multi-systemic Therapy team.  She is published in the Journal of Nutrition, various community magazines, is an advisory board member and contributes articles for Oxygen Women’s Fitness, contributes regularly to her Peak of Mind blog, and teaches international webinars that have changed the lives of men and women.

Kori is coauthoring a book with Dr. Joe Klemczewski, The Diet Doc founder, making the case for a whole new approach to dieting and achieving personal health goals. Since 2007 The Diet Doc has rapidly expanded to include over 50 locations in the US, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and Singapore!

Kori Propst and Dr. Joe Klemczewski lead readers on a revolution that helps them take charge of their bodies in a way no previous dieting system or book has advocated. 50 Days to your Best Life! addresses the failings of the dieting and weight industry. The Diet Doc’s weight loss programming, now included in 50-Days, blazes a trail for permanent success by simultaneously addressing the necessity of having flexible options while still employing exact types of meals through the day to accelerate body fat loss. Knowledge and planning aren’t the only tools necessary for nutritional success. Correct science is meaningful only if the reader has the conviction to learn and practice its application. Kori includes life skill training critical to making weight-loss permanence a reality. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that dieters who received counseling lost more than twice the weight as those not receiving the same information or support. 50-Days integrates diet and mindset concepts essential for daily life.

Kori excels at attuning to the individual needs and unique lifestyles of her clients with a finesse and skill that only comes with experience and a genuine desire for them to live their most authentic lives.  Her ability to implement research-based, sustainable programming gives her clients the benefit of a multi-dimensional, comprehensive approach to permanent success.


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