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Reach your goals. Personalized Coaching.

Welcome To Synergy Wellness Idaho!

Discover a simplistic, realistic and BALANCED way of healthy living:

What if I said your weight loss battle is only ONE simple change away?

Your weight loss journey should NOT feel like a constant battle. True health is about learning HOW to implement BALANCE into your everyday life and finally breaking free from the yo-yo dieting!

Success Stories

I cannot say enough good things about this program and these coaches! My quality of life, physically and mentally, has improved so dramatically."

Kelsey Ward

I love having a coach to help me change my life and habits!... I have lost 80 pounds, 12.1 SMM, & 9.9% fat. My measurements lost to date are 10.5” waist, 10.5” hips, and 6.25” thigh."

Lisa Sibbett

I am into the program a little over 4 and a half months and i have lost 46lbs.... The program works. Vanessa and the coaches give you all the tools and knowledge to succeed as long a you follow them."

Stacy Gorrell

I needed and was so ready for a change. I lost 30+ lbs while working with Vanessa... I have used the tools and knowledge from this program to successfully maintain my weight loss and have built a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular gym attendance."

Sara Egan

Meet the Team

Vanessa Toolson

Owner of Synergy Wellness Idaho, BS, CPT, CFNS, Motivational & Mindset Coach, NAMS Certified Nutrition Coach

In July of 2013, Vanessa opened Synergy Wellness Idaho, but her journey in health and fitness started long before...

Amanda Hanson

NAMS Certified Nutrition Coach

Amanda is a dedicated member of this team, and a tough-love coach with a huge heart...

Jess Schlund Hansen

NAMS Certified Nutrition Coach

Jess is a part-time stay-at-home mom who works in the dental world a couple days a week, and also is a spinning instructor for one of our favorite local gyms, Core Cycle.

Janet Mumford

NAMS Certified Nutrition Coach

Janet started her journey with Synergy wellness late in 2021 and became a NASM (national academy of sports medicine) certified nutrition coach in early 2022.

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